Historic Modesto Maps


Find out if your house is in one of Modesto’s historic neighborhoods, colonies, or tracts. Click on the links below to see the official area maps. Some areas were in more than one neighborhood and names of neighborhoods and streets changed over the years. It is unlikely your house is older than the official date of the map. You are welcome to download the maps to help with your house history research. Many maps include the township, range, and section, a piece of information you will need to find the first land patent for your property. Descriptions are approximate. Additional historic maps are on the county GIS web site.

Note: some maps are easier to read if you download them, and some maps will not display in Firefox, though they can be downloaded for viewing as a PDF.

1852/1854 Survey Map, this is the first known map of the area of Stanislaus County that would become Modesto. Officially, this is Township 3 South, Range 9 East. The only recognizable features are Dry Creek and the Tuolumne River.

1852/1854 Survey Map with Modern Streets Superimposed Use this map to help you find your property’s township, range, and section.

Township 3 South, Range 10 East, first map of what is now eastern Modesto. Surveyed in 1850s.

Modesto Sanborn Fire Insurance Maps for 1919

Northwest Modesto (north of Needham, west of McHenry)
Achor Subdivision, covering the north side of Achor Court, 1920
Bare Tract, the area around Geer Court, 1946
Block 553, north of intersection of Stoddard and Elmwood, 1921
Bonnie Brae, west side of McHenry south of Roseburg, 1917
Brady Tract Two, north of Fairmont, east of Virginia, 1938
Campus Tract, east of College, north of Coldwell, 1937
Campus Tract #2, west of College, north of Coldwell, 1950
Campus Tract #6, Notre Dame to Amherst, south of Roseburg, 1953
Coldwell Olivewood Tract, north of Coldwell, east of Enslen, 1911
College Avenue Tract, College Avenue from Granger to Briggsmore, 1936
College Gardens, west of Tully, south of Roseburg, 1946
College Manor Two, College to Virginia, Roseburg to Griswald, 1946
College Manor Tract, College to Mills, Roseburg to Carla, 1938
College Park Track 2, area around Campus Way, 1940

Elmwood Court Tract, between Magnolia and McHenry, 1927
Enslen Park Court, 1925
Evergreen Acres, north of Coldwell between Kearney and Tully, 1912
Falk Tract, South side of Fairmont between Douglas and McHenry, 1939
Francek Tract, south of Granger between Tully and College, 1946
Fresno Tract, north of Granger, west of McHenry, 1903
Griswold Van Lier Tract, east of Virginia, Fairmont to Coldwell, 1940
Liberty Park Tract, east of Mills, west of Columbia, south of Griswald, north of Coldwell, 1941
Llanda Addition, north side of Stoddard east of canal, west side of Sycamore to canal, 1910
M and G Olivewood Tract, Sycamore and Magnolia between Fairmont and Griswald, 1928
Mensinger Tract, Granger south to Roseburg, Florida east to Bodem, 1909
Mira Loma Tract, north side of Coolidge between Florida and McHenry, 1938
Mission Grove Tract, Griswold between Geer and McHenry, 1943
Morada Estates, north of Rumble, west of Tully, 1962
Morningside Addition, Mapleine/Magnolia between Stoddard and Morris, 1910
Morris McHenry Map, south side of Morris west of McHenry, 1925
Morris Tract, Lottie and Adam north of Morris, 1920
North Addition, Needham north to Stoddard, Virginia west to the canal, 1908
North Central Tract, Virginia east and Roseburg south, 1924
North Elmwood Avenue, 1921
North Industrial Addition, area near Tully and 9th Street, 1919
Panama Heights, Central is now Park, Miraflores is Sycamore, and Balboa is Magnolia, all north of Morris, 1912
Perley and Ross Tract, Morris between Sycamore and Magnolia, 1910
Rose Addition, Sycamore between Stoddard and Morris, 1910
Standiford Colony, south of Standiford, east of Tully, west of the Tidewater Trail, north of Rumble, 1912
Tidewater Tract, north of Coldwell, east of Virginia to Hackberry, 1914
Weil Colony, north of Orangeburg, south of Granger, between Tully and College, 1908
Woodman Tract, Granger north to Woodman, Tully to College, 1946
Virginia Tract, south of Coldwell, east of Olive, 1921
Virginia Tract 1, College to Olive, and Coldwell to Stoddard, 1921
Wisecarver Addition, blocks east and west of Graceada Park, 1907

Northeast Modesto (north of Downey, east of McHenry)
Bodem Colony, Sunrise east between Annabelle and Burke, 1904
Broughton Colony Tract, Scenic north to Orangeburg, Bodem east to Oakdale, 1903
Capital Heights, east of Kimble, south of Lucern, and north of Morris, 1912
Copper Creek 1, 1987, east of Claus, north of Dry Creek
Country Ranch Estates, south of Floyd, between Oakdale and Roselle, 1985
Eastern Addition, Kimble to Bodem north of Downey, 1912
Fairmont Tract, north side of Fairmont, east of McHenry, 1911
Fisher Addition, Auburn and Castle between Lucern and Morris, 1920
Johnson and Jones Addition, Johnson to Kimble, Jones to Davis, 1891
Lesliehugh/LeslieHigh Tract, Helen north to Hintze, Ila to the canal, 1931
Mensinger Tract, Granger south to Roseburg, Florida east to Bodem, 1903
Miles Colony, east of McHenry (Oakdale) between Roseburg and Carson to the canal, 1906
Oregon Colony, north and south of Floyd, west of Roselle, 1910
Rice Colony, Roseburg south to Lucern, Ramona east to Bodem, 1904
Tatum Tract, Fairmont south to Annabelle, west of El Vecino, 1913


East Modesto (east of downtown)
Aquatic Park, north side of Jennie, Pleasant Street to Dry Creek, 1920
Covena Park Tract 2, Yosemite north to Encina, Covena east to Conejo, 1946
Del Este Subdivision, Yosemite south to Mono, Santa Rosa east to Santa Cruz, 1914
Graninger’s Addition, north and south of Yosemite east of D, 1888
La Loma Terrance, east of James to Dry Creek between La Loma and Spencer, 1937
La Loma Tract, La Loma Avenue from Dry Creek to Santa Rosa, 1934
Modesto Colony, Yosemite south to Tenaya and Santa Cruz east beyond Empire Avenue, 1888
Rue de Yoe Addition, James Street and Rue de Yoe, 1911
Town of Ripperdan, between Burney and Dry Creek, 1871
Severin Colony, La Loma between Santa Barbara and Yosemite, 1908
Sierra Number Two, Benson east to the airport and Canal Street south to Monterey, 1936
Wilson School Tract, Las Palmas to Santa Barbara, 1924

South Modesto (south of downtown)
Sunset Acres, Leon east to Sunset, South Avenue south to Rouse, 1911
Sunset Boulevard Addition, Sunset to Sierra, Rosedale to Sunset, 1912
University Addition, Sunset south to South Avenue and Franklin east to Roselawn, 1914

West Modesto (west of downtown)
Brichman’s Addition, north of Paradise, south of California, 1904
Maze Colony, south of Woodland, west of Emerald, north of Kansas, 1904
Maze Ranch Subdivision, Kansas south to California and Nebraska east to Sutter, 1909
Rouse Colony, irregular shape, south of Rouse to river, east of Sutter to river, 1910
Spencer Colony, south of Maze, north of California, east and west of Spencer, 1904