Modesto Design Collective (MO.DE)
Modesto Design Collective (MO.DE) is a community of designers, innovators, makers, and creative visionaries making Modesto a vibrant design capital that values, celebrates, and supports design and the broader creative community.

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Building a Better Modesto
Building a Better Modesto is the museum’s creative placemaking program exploring the role of art, architecture, design, landscape, history, and urban design in creating a more livable city. The program includes:

Modesto History Center: History and Architecture Research and Preservation in Modesto
Modesto Modernism: Explore Modesto’s mid 20th century architecture and landscapes
Modesto Modernist Posters 
Modesto Architecture Guides
Modesto Architecture and Design Week 2019, MADWEEK 2019
Modesto Art Museum Galleries
Flickr Photo Group of Modesto Architecture
Modesto Art Museum on Historypin: See historic dynamic photographs of old Modesto
Public Art in Modesto
Modesto Modernism Movie and viewing guide
Modesto Historic Structure Reports

Study the issues of livability, read  Livability 101 and the 10 Principles of Livable Communities. To learn more about creative placemaking, read the NEA’s Creative Placemaking.

Building a Better Modesto Report and Accomplishments for 2019

Building a Better Modesto is supported in part by grants from Artplace America and the Creative Work Fund. Thank you.