Modesto Art Museum was founded in 2005 and is a nonprofit, tax exempt, educational corporation.

Hours and Location: The Modesto Art Museum has no permanent location or regular hours. Activities and exhibits are in various places in the city of Modesto. Check Events for details.

Modesto Art Museum Mission Statement

The mission of the Modesto Art Museum is to support the well-being of the people of Modesto through the arts, including architecture, design, and history. We do this in a way that is of, by, and for the people of Modesto.

Well-being is the degree to which individuals and communities are healthy, happy, flourishing, and able to prosper and enjoy life. Well-being refers both to the experience of individuals or communities and to the environments and conditions in which individuals and communities live.

Of, by, and for the people of Modesto is a methodology and vision of inclusion. Modesto Art Museum in all it does will be representative of Modesto, our events and activities will be created by the people of Modesto so we can genuinely say we are for the people of Modesto.

2022 Report on Recent Accomplishments

Board of Directors