The Videos!

Fantastic short contemporary videos about architecture, landscape, and design that will inspire you and bring you joy.

The architects at Robert P. Madison International are on a mission to renovate and restore the historical Karamu House, the oldest operating African American Theatre in the United States. A Wonderhouse Films production that won Second Place in the AIA Film Challenge.
Black Sheep Films presents a whimsical look at Viennese architecture.
Landscape design in Palm Springs, California
A look at some of the women in design who are shaping Los Angeles. Created by Breadtruck Films.
Segregated by Design examines the forgotten history of how our federal, state, and local governments unconstitutionally designed segregation in nearly every city in United States through law and policy. Silkwood Studio
Paris during the pandemic. Created by Benoit Millot
Social and interior design to assist new immigrants. Created by One World Journalist.
This is a story of architects and civic leaders working together to create a resilient and sustainable community where thoughtful design creates a healing environment for those most in need of care. Created by Jasia Ka.
From slavery to incarceration, the National Museum and Memorial for Peace and Justice created by the Emerson Collective.
The happy union of design and play in Stephenson/Bishop‘s Playground
Alexandre Humbert creates an immersive film installation of the speculative Sleeping Beauties tour entertainment resort inside the Disney-like Burj Al Babas housing development.