Modesto Art Museum Galleries

Modesto Art Museum Galleries

“The city is our collection, the neighborhoods are our galleries”

Graceada Park Area
The area around Graceada Park, what was once known as the Wisecarver and Coldwell developments in the early 20th century, is the first designated museum gallery. Homes in this gallery are a variety of architectural styles spanning the years 1909 to 2008.

Take this self-guided walking or biking tour to experience the richness of the area.
Architectural Pathways

Modesto Design District
Between 10th and 16th and I to K Streets, the Modesto Design District has more than 70 shops, organizations, restaurants, and cafes where you can explore, experience, and enjoy world-class design and art of all kinds. The area is known for its architecture and contemporary urban design experiments. The district is the Modesto Art Museum’s second officially designated neighborhood gallery.

Watch the Modesto Design District Video

or this video by videographer Kaitlin Chin.