Modesto History Project

Ongoing at select sites in downtown Modesto

Modesto is a city of several unusual and/or inspiring historic sites and events. Discover some of this surprising heritage through the Modesto History Project, a series of posters designed by graphic artist William Coons and displayed at various locations in downtown Modesto.

Modesto es una ciudad de varios sitios y eventos históricos inusuales. Algunos son bien conocidos, pero aún más fueron olvidados. Descubra parte de esta herencia inusual a través del Proyecto de Historia de Modesto, una serie de carteles diseñados por el artista gráfico William Coons y exhibidos en varios lugares del centro de Modesto.

Modesto History Project Sites
Addresses are where in downtown Modesto you will find posters about these historic sites, people, and events.
Majestic Building 1003 10th Street
Murray and Jones Building 963 10th Street
Hotel Hughson 963 10th Street
Modesto Bank and Masonic Hall 1000 I Street
Beaty Building 1030 J Street
Modesto Coffee Club temporarily unavailable
Hotel Covell 1010 10th Street
Bay Valley Air Service 1008 12th Street
Firestone Service Store 1217 J Street
The Maddox Brothers and Rose 950 10th Street

Black Building
Dale Butler
Elizabeth Starr
Esgar Building
James Broughton
Modesto Monarchs
Osmun Johnson
Thomas Wing
Southern Pacific Depot
Varney Aero Service

This exhibit was made possible in part by a grant from the City of Modesto with funding from the Coronavirus Local Fiscal Recovery Fund established by the American Rescue Plan Act, and is part of “Modesto Forward”, to support local recovery from the pandemic.

Esta exhibición fue posible gracias a una subvención de la Ciudad de Modesto con fondos del Fondo de Recuperación Fiscal Local de Coronavirus establecido por la Ley del Plan de Rescate Estadounidense, y es parte de “Modesto Forward”, para apoyar la recuperación local de la pandemia.