Modesto History Center Mission Statement

The mission of the Modesto History Center is to support the well-being of the people of Modesto through research, preservation, and education about the city’s history and built environments. We do this in a way that builds community relationships, explores contemporary issues, and supports planning for a better future, and is of, by, and for the people of Modesto.

Research: Conduct and facilitate research into the history of Modesto and its built environments.
Preservation: Encourage and facilitate the preservation of history, historic documents, artifacts, heritage buildings, and historic landscapes.
Education: Teach about Modesto’s history and built environments, the value of historic preservation, how to do historic research, and how to apply for historic landmark designation status.

Well-being is the degree to which individuals and communities are healthy, happy, flourishing, and able to prosper and enjoy life. Well-being refers both to the experience of individuals or communities and to the environments and conditions in which individuals and communities live.

Of, by, and for the people of Modesto is a methodology and vision of inclusion. Modesto History Center in all it does will be representative of Modesto, our events and activities will be created by the people of Modesto so we can genuinely say we are for the people of Modesto.