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Modernism in Modesto, 1937 – 1972
Architectural Pathways
Modesto Modernism Movie Guide
Modesto Modernism Tour Guide
Modesto Architecture Tours on Historypin

The Modesto architecture tour guides cover several areas of the city. Modernism in Modesto 1937-1972 features modernist buildings mostly in the downtown area. Architectural Pathways will help you explore the Graceada Park area. Modesto Modernism Movie Guide goes with the award winning movie Modesto Modernism. Modesto Modernism Tour Guide is a biking or driving tour over several neighborhoods. The two Historypin tours cover most of downtown beginning in the 19th century.

The guides are made possible in part by grants from the Modesto Culture Commission, the Finch Foundation, The Peter Janopaul Family, the Teichert Foundation, the Creative Work Fund, and Artplace America. Thank you